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Rolling Cage Sieve

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  • Release date:2019-12-09
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The round rolling cage sieve can be widely used in the sieving of granular materials in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, grain, abrasives, chemical fertilizer and other industries, especially in sieving of the mineral materials, such as quartz sand, magnesia, limestone and other products.

Product features and advantages:

High productivity and low investment cost

Compared with other vibrating sieves, the equipment is featured in small floor area and low energy consumption, low maintenance cost, time-saving and labor-saving, smaller floor area and simple operation compared to liner sieve.

Totally-closed, pollution-free, easy to recover dust.

No vibration, impact with low noise

Space can be saved according to the layout of the site, and it is convenient for the collection of finished products.

The sieve proportion is flexible, which can be adjusted in time according to the demand of materials for the sake of obtaining the ideal particle size.

The rolling cage sieve can be customized into different specifications and models according to the needs of users.


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