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What are the cleaning tasks of the superfine mill?


In the milling industry, there are many criteria for judging the quality of a mill. For example, the particle size and output of the finished product are one of the very important criteria. Of course, these criteria are also based on the premise of new equipment. After using the fine grinder for a period of time, his performance is not as good as before. There are many factors that are caused by the superfine grinder not doing a good job of cleaning under long-term use. The cleaning work of the superfine grinder includes Which ones?


The first is the cleaning of oil. Oil stain is the adhesion of grease and dust, rust, etc. It does not incorporate water, but incorporates organic agents. In addition to mechanical decontamination, it can also be removed by chemical or electrochemical methods. Among them, the electrochemical method has the advantages of high speed, high efficiency, and thorough degreasing.

The other is the cleaning and maintenance of ultra-fine mill parts. To remove the oil on the parts, users often use cleaning liquids, such as organic solvents, alkaline solutions, and chemical cleaning liquids. Among them, cleaning methods include scrubbing, dipping, spray cleaning, gas phase cleaning, and ultrasonic cleaning. The cleaning methods include manual cleaning and mechanical cleaning.

Then there is descaling. The corrosives on the surface of the ultrafine mill, such as the surface rust of iron and steel parts, must be completely removed in order to ensure the repair quality in the repair of machinery and equipment. According to the user's specific situation, currently, mainly by mechanical, chemical and electrochemical methods.


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