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What should I pay attention to when using the mill?


Operators should pay attention to the operation of the mill:

1.Milling machine

The first thing you should pay attention to when operating is safety awareness, handover procedures and commonly used tools. Wear work clothes and bring all other safety labor protection supplies. Check the production records of the previous shift and carefully listen to the operation introduction of the last shift. Prepare according to production requirements Good common tools (special reducer wrench, hammer, screwdriver)


2.Inspection of the grinding equipment, the internal and external parts of the equipment should be intact and installed correctly, and all fixing bolts should not be loose. Is the lubricant tank of the reducer sufficient, and whether the inlet valves are in the starting state; and whether the bearing bush and each lubricant are clean, The amount of oil must be appropriate, the oil circulation system and water cooling system must be unblocked, and there must be no leakage on the site. The ventilation system and material conveying system must be unblocked, no debris clogged, and there must be no leakage. Safety and lighting devices must be complete and the signal system intact Outside the thermometer, the pointer of each meter should point to the zero position. Whether the feeding device is intact, the control system works, and the metering system should be accurate, or it can be turned on after being calibrated and approved. Check the air outlet valve of the discharge port, the exhaust fan door, Whether the hot air is in the normal open position. Check whether the main bearing cooling system of the equipment is unblocked and whether the main bearing cooling water is unblocked. Close the throttles of each fan to reduce the starting load. Check the control instruments and safety devices Whether it is qualified and whether the action is sensitive and reliable. When driving in winter, you need to refuel the reducer mailbox according to the situation to make the lubricant temperature reach 20-25 degrees to ensure that the lubricant can Cycle, and starting load reducing device

3.When the mill is started, we must start in order, we must be cautious and fully prepared. Prepare a variety of raw materials, and understand their moisture, particle size, and abrasiveness. With electricians, air pressure The station will contact the air supply, power supply, and air supply, and check whether the voltage and air pressure meet the requirements. Contact the upper and lower processes in time to ensure the normal startup of the equipment. After doing the above work, you should further contact each post, unrelated personnel Do not approach the equipment, after confirming that it is silent, send a start signal, and then drive in order. Shanghai Keli Rick, more than ten years of rich technical experience in designing and producing ball mill equipment and advanced beneficiation ball mill production equipment, the beneficiation ball mill has high grinding efficiency Large output, creating higher benefits for users!

Therefore, to sum up, everything requires our good care and correct use. A good method of use and a timely maintenance and maintenance are also essential. We just understood the mill in this way. The matters needing attention when using the mill, still need to be firmly grasped by each user, so as to have a good use efficiency.


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