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What are the preparations for the ultra-fine vertical mill before starting?


As a widely used ore milling equipment, ultra-fine vertical mill was first produced in Germany, and now the authoritative manufacturer in China is Shanghai Keliruike. The application fields of ultra-fine vertical mills are: the main application fields of ultra-fine vertical mills are: calcium carbonate, talc, barium sulfate, magnesium hydroxide (brownite) and so on. Currently widely used are calcium carbonate and talc. The newly purchased ultra-fine vertical mill must be tested before the formal operation to avoid delaying normal production and operation. So what are the issues that need to be paid attention to during the test of the ultra-fine vertical mill?1572832145552964.jpg

I. Preparations before commissioning.

1. Check the tightening of the motor and electrical appliances and the screws of each part;

2. Check whether the lubrication, sealing and other measures are intact and carry out cranking;

3. Check if there is any abnormal phenomenon.

2. No-load test run.

Before the ultra-fine vertical mill is put into operation, no-load test run is required. After the ultra-fine vertical mill has no abnormalities, the machine can be started with no load (without medium and materials) and run continuously for 8-16 hours to meet the following requirements.

1. The lubricating part is normal without oil leakage;

2. The main bearing temperature of the industrial mill does not exceed 50 ℃;

3. Smooth operation without abnormal sound;

4. No loosening of each component.

Third, the load test run feeds an appropriate amount of material and water (discontinuous) for 8 to 10 hours.

After the no-load test runs without failure, a load test run is required. After the half-load test runs to check that everything is normal, increase the medium and increase the amount of ore appropriately. Run at full load for 10-20 hours, and then meet the following requirements.

1. Smooth operation without abnormal sound;

2. The current of the superfine vertical mill main motor fluctuates within the allowable range;

3. The temperature is below the allowable temperature rise; all parts are lubricated normally;

4. The main bearing temperature is 60 ° C; there is no ore leakage, water leakage or oil leakage in each part.

The test work of the ultra-fine vertical mill before the official operation is very important. I hope that the users must pay attention to it. In order to prolong the service life of the mill, the mill can produce normally and bring considerable economic benefits.


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