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Contribution of vertical mill to environmental protection domain


When it comes to ore milling equipment, it may also have a derogatory meaning, because he is constantly processing and processing our non-renewable resources, and the direct point is that it is destroying our living environment. However, from the perspective of human survival and development, some resources are necessary for social development, and human beings must progress. It is impossible to stop mining. Then, in turn, the ore milling equipment will also produce some pollution during the process of ore processing. This puts forward higher requirements for the technological advancement of the equipment. Today we will analyze the environmental protection of the vertical mill Domain contribution.1572832131194953.jpg

Among many development directions, the environmental protection aspect of the mill industry is both a foundation and a key step. China has always advocated an environmentally-friendly society, as has the industry. For example, last year, we banned and consolidated a group of cement industries, which greatly reduced China's environmental pollution. As we all know, the mining machinery industry is also a high-energy-consumption and high-polluting industry, and if the mill industry is to develop well, it must follow the green environmental protection line.

The vertical mill can also contribute to the treatment of air pollution. China has abundant coal resources. Most of the energy needs in the northern regions are mainly coal, and coal will be accompanied by harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide during combustion. The power generation process in a thermal power plant is a problem that does not need to be solved. The industrial mill can grind limestone into a fine powder of about 325 mesh, which has a wonderful effect on the desulfurization of the exhaust gas of the thermal power plant. Compared with calcium carbonate, limestone mill has better desulfurization effect than calcium carbonate.

The new vertical mill closely follows the development trend of environmental protection in the milling industry at home and abroad. It not only realizes environmental protection requirements, but also effectively increases the unit output of a single device and reduces the energy consumption per unit of output. It is the only one for large-scale milling projects. selected.


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